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In this Teardown Tuesday, we are going to take a look at the inner workings of a radar gun! It’s also where manufacturers pinch pennies and buy cheap.

Datahseet could be that the soft start circuit is not ok. Also, I can’t seem to find the datasheet for these caps anymore.

Once I disconnect them the power supply comes to life. Not obviously bad, but certainly not good. I figured this datahseet what blew the power supply. BTW, does the uF still gets hot, when everything is ok when you connect the peltier loads after sometime?

It seems to be getting worse.

2SC3306 Datasheet PDF – Toshiba

Once the power supply is up and running, Dztasheet can plug the coolers back in and the unit cools perfectly. AS to the cooking switch transistor: I also noticed that, once up and running, one of the heat sinked power transistors and its associated V uF input cap is getting very hot.


You can force the ic to kick up by connecting pin 4 to pin 7 ground but as your not getting the 12 supply to start withi would say there is an heavy load pulling the slave osc down.

The other parts that get stressed are the snubber R-C components, hard to pick out without a schematic. Oct 18, I’d like to check the ESR again since the overheat. Can anyone tell me what type of SMPS this is? I disconnected the peltier coolers and everything comes to life. I replaced the fan and reassembled the unit to see if it would power back up.

The peltiers are connected to the relays you mentioned via the NC contact. Dodgydave – Yes, it is a 12V output supply.

I also checked the other fridge components thermoelectric peltier coolers and four fans using a DC bench power supply. The fans are wired to run all the time. Dec 4, The relays are energized to remove power from the peltiers as necessary for proper cooling.

C3306 Datasheet PDF – Toshiba Semiconductor

Oct 18, 7. Ok, sorry it took me a few days to get this check done. Does this make sense to anyone? I just can’t get the power supply to fully power up without manually disconnecting the peltiers then plugging them back in.


2SC Datasheet PDF –

If the peltiers are plugged in at power up, the voltage between pins 12 and 7 is about 1. Do you already datasgeet an account?

Sep 7, 2, Oct 17, 3. The TL dstasheet has a slave start up oscillator oscthat produces its voltage, then the the ic takes over and feeds the start up osc with sync pulses to produce the desired regulated voltage,so your circuit will be similar to this design ,without the op amp chip.

Oct 18, 9.

2SC Datasheet pdf – POWER TRANSISTORS(10A,V,W) – MOSPEC Semiconductor

Oct 17, 1. Quote of the day. I found one fan that was drawing much more than its rated current and not turning. Electrolytic caps are BY FAR the 1 component failure in cheap switcher power supplies because they have high peak currents rushing in and out at high frequency.

I also look for resistors that are darkened from heat, don’t see any in your picture. I checked both input capacitors ESR and found them to be at the datasheet max limit.