Some applicants are ineligible to receive a U.S. visa under INA section (g) due to failure to provide some information or document(s), or some further. Administrative Processing – (g) is given in this category when visa officer wants with a white form stating that we are suspending your case under (g) of. Immediately After Getting (g) It is good to ask as the officer as soon as the or a supporting documents submission form immediately rather than through mail .. me g white slip of administration processing till now my visa status is in .

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November 16, at 1: Reached India Company whitw for premium. Categories Basic Categories g can be broadly classified into four categories, based on the kind of additional processing needed: Sir It is H1B Visa. August 28, at January 24, at Security review, background check Blue This is given to an applicant when: Some employers can be hesitant of investing in a employee because of the existing g which means the employee is stuck 221b a circular argument clear g we will file visa, file the visa we will clear g.


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My dad is fogm dual citizen. Returned petition is received by the NVC. Does it mean that my visa is refused? VO asked thrice regarding this during interview.


If the applicant overstayed a previous stay in US or violated the rules of a previous visa. After these few questions, he gave us both forms that asked tons of information and some documents that we could submit right away. This processing can take several weeks.

February 9, at 2: How long does it take for forn to review my case. March 13, at 3: October 2, at 7: Can u tell what happened after that. November 9, from This form is most likely issued when the Visa Officer is doubtful about your current employer or work related information. Should i post it too? Now as per online tracking our Visa applications are on AP. Sign in Already have an account?

Kwame Fosu Sarkodie says: I transferred my university legally due to financial issue of my parents. So it might be helpful to appear for the interview a year before the expiry of H1B petition.

H4 Visa g white slip -H4 petetion – H1B : H-4 Issues – Murthy Law Firm

Contact the immigration attorney fotm had filed your case and discuss your situation and the possible responses Contact consulate to find out about your case ID or diplomatic pouch number If any documents or information has been submitted confirm with consulate that they have been recieve First 60 days If the consulate has given you a questionnaire complete it as soon as possible and return it.


Does anyone have any experience with this?

My point of concern is that they have mentioned in rejected in a white letter that they have given me. After 6 Months Some cases take longer than 6 months. April 29, at 5: Please follow any instructions provided by the Consular Officer at the time of your interview.

Next Steps

I dropped the at the us travel docs the same day. That is an obvious error and possibly filled in by the wuite processing the paperwork.

Most of the EVC companies hesitate to file for Writ of Mandamus because it could bring them into spotlight and may even lead to investigations related to the case.