DARAB Rules of Procedure – Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. resource contains the Republic of the Philippines’ Department of Agrarian Reform Adjudication Board’s (DARAB) rules of procedure for THE DEPARTMENT OF AGRARIAN REFORM ADJUDICATION BOARD ( DARAB) RULES OF PROCEDURE TABLE OF CONTENTS.

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Atty. Manuel J. Laserna Jr.: Jurisdiction; agrarian cases.

Subject to the essential requirements rulss due process, the technicalities of law and procedure and the rules governing the admissibility and sufficiency of evidence obtained in the courts of law shall not apply.

He shall continue to enjoy such status as a pauper litigant at all levels of adjudication until the case is terminated. The Court ruled in favor of Land Bank.

Role of the Adjudicator in the Proceedings Section 3. All actions shall be brought before the Adjudicator of the province where the land involved is located. The amounts collected and accruing to this special fund shall be considered automatically appropriated for the purpose authorized in this proclamation.

The bank shall have ov power: Beijing Jingneng Clean Energy Co. Appeal shall not stay the execution of a decision or order except when the ejectment of a tenant farmer, agricultural lessee or tiller, settler, or amortizing owner-cultivator is directed, or a decision or a portion thereof involving solely the issue of just compensation.

They insist that giving effect to the Notice of Appeal would countenance an act which is criminal in nature.

Department of Agrarian Reform

Evaluating the parties conflicting claims x x x this Office finds for the plaintiffs x x x. Return of Writ of Execution Section 9. Those cases involving the annulment or rescission of lease contracts or deeds of sale or their amendments involving lands under the administration and disposition of the DAR or Land Bank of the Philippines LBPand the amendment of titles pertaining to agricultural lands under the administration and disposition of the DAR and LBP; as well as EPs issued under PDHomestead Patents, Free Patents, and miscellaneous sales patents to settlers in settlement and re-settlement areas under the administration and disposition of the DAR.


Thereafter, no motion for further extension of the temporary restraining order shall be allowed. Amendment of and Supplement to Complaint or Petition Section 4. The implication is that since the Board is the one which has the power to punish, it is also the one which has the power to decide if there has been a violation.

Entity without Juridical Personality as Defendants. Moreover, i n cases of falsification of public documents, such as documents introduced in judicial proceedings, the change in the public document must be such as to affect the integrity of the same or change the effects which it would otherwise produce; for, unless that happens, there could not exist the essential element of the intent dules commit the crime, which is required by Article 3 of the Penal ;rocedure.

2009 DARAB Rules of Procedure.pdf

Thus, when the complaint for ejectment was filed inthe actual tillers on the land were already the successors-in-interest of Avelino and Pedro, namely Delfin Sacdalan Rulles and Roberto Bernardo Robertorespectively.

The following provisions are instructive in making this conclusion: In case of extraordinary inflation, the PARC shall take appropriate measures to protect the economy. Lubrica opposed Land Banks motion. Instead on May 9,the Regional Adjudicator ordered the respective legal heirs to substitute the named decedents in the case.

Thank you for visiting our website and your interest in our free products and services. The finality of the judgment in Land Bank v. Surely by appealing the Decision of the Regional Adjudicator, the petitioners were already manifesting that they will be damaged by the assailed decision. On December 24,the CA denied Land Banks very urgent motion to resolve and supplemental motion. When his identity or true name is discovered, the pleading must be amended accordingly.

The pauper litigant as stated in Section 2 of Rule V of these Rules is exempt from the payment of the herein filing fees. Non-compliance with the foregoing shall be a ground for dismissal of the appeal.


The provisions on service of summons as provided in the Rules of Court shall have suppletory effect. The motion to amend shall indicate the amendment sought to be admitted.

In fact, respondents were clearly aware that the two were already deceased such that they even indicated the names of the respective heirs in their position paper before the Regional Adjudicator: For failure to pay the obligation, the bank foreclosed the mortgage and sold the lots at public auction on July 8, to petitioner Susan G.

Submission of Position Papers. Contrary to respondents arguments, there was never any ruling regarding the validity or authenticity of the exemption order.

After the filing of their respective appeal memoranda with the Board or the lapse of the period within which to file the same, the case shall be deemed submitted for resolution. Quijano and Delfin B. At first glance, indeed, RARAD Casabars December 15, order seemingly rendered the reliefs prayed for by the petition for certiorari unnecessary and moot. The redemption price shall be the reasonable price of the land at the time of the sale. The filing of a Motion for Reconsideration shall interrupt the period to perfect an appeal.

Answer Required Section 4. To the running of this website, we need your help to support us. Going now to the alleged forgery, it is clear from the records that there was never an instant when the respondents and the Regional Adjudicator were deceived or made to believe that Avelino and Pedro were still alive and participating in the proceedings below. Time to Answer Non-Extendible.