The proposed amendments and adoptions of rules in Chapters 10A NCAC 13B Licensing of Hospitals and 10A NCAC 13C Licensing of. 10A NCAC 13B – General Requirements: Access and Safety. 10A NCAC 13B – Construction Requirements: Special Care Unit. 10A NCAC 13B MECHANICAL REQUIREMENTS (a) Prior to occupancy of the facility, the facility shall obtain documentation verifying that all mechanical.

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The patient or the patient’s next of kin may be charged for the cost of reproducing copies.

NC DHSR: Hospital and Ambulatory Surgical Facility Rules

A comprehensive, rehabilitation program shall utilize a coordinated and integrated, interdisciplinary approach, directed by a physician, to assess patient needs and to provide treatment and evaluation of physical, psycho-social and cognitive deficits. The Commission will receive those objections by mail, delivery service, hand delivery, or facsimile transmission. The medical staff shall be established in accordance with the by-laws, rules or regulations of the medical staff and with the written policies, rules or regulations of the facility.

The IDAT member shall also discuss financial considerations. The consultant dietitian shall provide, on site, no less than eight hours of service every two weeks to provide the nutritional aspects of patient care including but not limited to the following:. Hospitals shall complete the following evaluation protocols prior to living organ donation:.


First, the potential donor must know he or she has a choice, meaning he or she can freely decide either to donate or not to donate an organ. March 16, May 15, Comments may be nac by: The term also includes clerical personnel who work in clinical areas under nurse supervision. The CARF report shall show that the facility or unit was surveyed for comprehensive rehabilitation services. A method shall be established to safeguard against fraudulent recordings. For live donor nephrectomy patients, there shall be continuous physician coverage available for patient evaluation as needed.


These policies and procedures shall include:. These policies and procedures shall cover at least the following areas: A monthly summary for patients and quarterly summaries for domiciliary residents shall be 1b relative to each patient’s or resident’s performance in the bowel and bladder training program; and.

December 31, ; Eff. In case of such usage, a legible copy of the laboratory report must be ncaac in the patient record.

A vacancy which exceeds 30 days shall be reviewed by the Department for action relative to licensure status of the facility. Effort shall be made to verify the full and true name, address, date of birth, nearest of kin, provisional diagnosis, condition on admission and discharge, referring physicians, attending physician or service.

Policies and procedures shall include, but shall not be hcac to: The minimum direct care nursing staff shall be 5. An overbed table shall be provided for patients who eat in bed. These rules are available from the Drug Regulatory Branch of the N.

Anteroom shall be neutral to corridor. The rules contained in this Section shall apply to hospitals providing living organ donation transplant services. These shall include but are not limited to: Physical therapy and occupational therapy space shall not be included in these totals. January 1, ; Amended Eff. The director of the nutrition 31b dietetic services shall require that personnel assigned to the department perform all functions necessary to meet the nutritional needs of patients.


Gravity-type heating or cooling units such as radiators or connectors shall not be used in operating rooms and other special care areas. Neonates or infants that are high-risk, small or approximately 32 and less than 36 completed weeks of gestational age but otherwise healthy, or sick with a moderate degree of illness that are admitted from within the hospital or transferred from another facility requiring intermediate care services for sick infants, but not requiring intensive care.

Dietitians or qualified designees shall attend and participate in meetings relevant to patient nutritional care, including but not limited to patient care conferences and discharge planning.

December 1, ; March 1, ; Pursuant to G. The IDAT shall ensure the potential donor learns about ncacc entire donation process. In addition to the definitions set forth in G.

Rule Actions

The case manager shall be responsible for promoting the program’s responsiveness to the needs of the patient and shall participate in all team conferences concerning the patient’s progress toward the accomplishment of 13bb goals. Inpatient rehabilitation facilities providing services to persons with spinal cord injuries shall meet the requirements in this Rule in addition to those identified in this Section.

If the physician restricts the patient’s access to information in the patient’s medical record, the physician shall record the reasons on the patient’s medical record. The prescriber shall be notified according to established policies and procedures at least 24 hours before an order is automatically stopped.

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